Benefits of a massage pedicure chair

Pedicures have evolved over the years from a bucket of water to luxurious thrones that incorporate manicure trays and full function shiatsu massage chairs. The latter is a major feature on new pedicure chairs due to the great benefits of massage, after all who doesn’t like a back massage!

Kneading – Continued oscillation relieves tension and soreness by lifting and stretching muscles. Improves circulation and helps bring vital stimulation to all areas of your back.

Kneading & Tapping – Relieves muscle tension and spinal pressure, improves circulation and invigorates the spine all at the same time.

Tapping or Knocking – Gentle tapping flexes spinal joints and relieves pressure on the spinal column, invigorating the back and reducing stress.

Rolling – Warms and loosens your back muscles in preparation for a deeper massage. Relieves muscle tension and continuous rolling helps to reduce stress.

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