Home nail salon – Why not?

Home nail salon example

Establishing a nail salon is one of the hottest business trends in these recent years due to its high profit rate. The demand for manicure constantly surpasses the supply. The problem is not whether you should open a nail salon, but whether you can open one or not. In order to open a professional nail salon, you will need to invest in a small fortune, and that’s only for a small, regular sized salon. The expenses for renting space, buying equipment, marketing are usually through the roof. That’s why we need another solution – a home nail salon. This is where you should start, especially when you’ve just a newbie in the beauty industry. So what are the benefits of this salon model? How can we make it real? Let S3 Spa share with you what we’ve learned in today’s topic.


The benefits

 The biggest benefit of this model is pretty obvious: small investment. You don’t need to pay so much money for the set-ups. Usually you need only about 1 to 3 pedicure chairs, and 1 or 2 other nail furniture and professional equipment. Regarding renting space: you don’t need one, as your house is the salon. And that will save you tons of money right from the start.

Another advantage is that your home nail salon can bring a nice, heart-warming feelings for customer who prefer privacy and quietness. To achieve this in those professional salons, you need a great design styles, a lot of investment in money and time.

The relationship between you and customer is also another important elements regarding your business. Customers using your service will appreciate the small talks, the interactions with you and in time, they might even see you as close friend. Who wouldn’t want that?


The steps to build your own nail salon

There are 5 steps to follow when you want to build a nail salon, and for our particular kind of salon, S3 Spa has adjusted it to these steps so you can easily harvest the idea of what to do.


Step 1: Make a detailed plan for your investment

Make detailed plan for your nail furniture purchase

To make use of the investment benefit, you have to come up with a very careful plan of what to invest in, what to buy and what kind of expenses you will have to pay for. Apart from the most basic equipment that you absolutely need to buy, other things should be put in careful assessment. This way you can avoid buying too expensive pedicure chair or too much salon furniture. Just remember: You don’t have much money, so use it wisely.


Step 2:  Be trustworthy – Be professional

Have a manicure certificate first

It doesn’t really matter if your service is not exceptional at the start, as your skills will eventually get better overtime. The importance lies in the license which your customers can see when they come in. It is the concrete proof that says: “My service is trustworthy, so you can relax and let me take care of your beauty”. So wait no more! Go out there and take the nail technician courses. They are always worth the money.


Step 3: Do research on market demands

Find your customer's needs before opening your nail salon

When you have the ability to provide the service, now it’s the time to find out what are the demands. Doing research on the market you are diving in is always a good choice. With it, you will know what your customers need and don’t need, therefore can build a plan that fits them. In additions, you will be saving a lot of money from equipment or things that you won’t be using.


Step 4: Do your business legally

Follow your State's policy

The fact that you are doing a salon at home doesn’t mean that you can avoid paying tax. More over, this is the most important element to open any kind of business. Therefor, follow the law, do what ever you have to do to open a salon legally. If you need a license, get it. You need to know what is the legal pros and cons of opening a home nail salon. That’s how you grow and succeed in business.


Step 5: Have a theme for your salon.

have theme for you home salon

A memorable salon is a unique salon. Customers will need to know you, your name, your salon’s name, and how it looks so that they can tell it to others. That’s why you need a plan for brand building, even for such a home salon. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a big and complicated plan, you’ll just need a good name and a good interior look for your salon. As time goes on, this plan can grow alongside your business.


In short, to open a mini nail salon at home sound like a very nice plan. However, you need to be careful and determined if you want to go for it. More over, you’ll need experience. If you need consultant for a great home nail salon design in Atlanta, then contact us, S3 Spa. We love to give advices and information about nail salon furniture and internal decoration to salon owner, help them pick out the best options build their best salon. Visit us at www.s3spa.com.