Mission of S3 Spa

Our mission at S3 Spa is to create a higher standard of services and products for the Beauty Industry, especially for the Nail Salons. We’ll constantly bring new styles, new designs, new flavors to our customers’ needs. We organize, manage, and operate in an innovative fashion to generate a professional working environment. On regular basis, we provide training sessions to improve our employees knowledge of products, services, and skills.

Our Mottos

“A Specialized Source for Professional Pedicure Spas.”
“The Driving Force of Higher Standards.”

Simple Process

Products & Services

S3 Spa is an upscaled full-service company that committed to providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services and high-quality products and furnishing a relaxed atmosphere for our customers. Our products & services include:
• Spa Chair: High quality, various choices of style and color selections.
• Salon Furniture: Many complete collections for customers to choose.
• Customer Service: Dedicated and personalized consultant will help you through the process of building a successful business.
• Technical Support: Offering up to 3 years of warranty and Excellent Technical Support by trained technicians.